As a student led referral and networking project founded within the confines of the University of Exeter, it is a shared belief that to build a movement for change, a united network between all institutions of the care system and beyond must be established. Avolve wishes to epitomize and facilitate this, to provide a more direct advisory and supportive community for former and current looked after children and professionals alike, and to appraise and raise awareness of the work that is involved when working with such a vulnerable yet deserving demographic of children. Tailored to each child, our team has created a mentoring programme that provides independent and individual mentors to meet with child in care within the school environment to develop and achieve a number of targets such as the raising of aspirations and the increasing of the child's educational attainment rate. We week to do this by acting as a medium that interconnects opportunities outside of education, such as work experience, tuition support and even recreational activities and expose them to the child themselves.

Avolve student capacity ensures that there is a renewed sense of enjoyment when working with such a difficult area of work. By providing an alternative style, both visually and practically, to supporting looked after children, Avolve seeks to redefine the way in which people look and work with looked after children.

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