Introducing our Treasurer...


I’m Jason and I am the treasurer for Avolve. I am also a third-year philosophy student.

I have been part of Avolve since the end of my first year and on the committee for just as long. I was drawn to the group after meeting our President and seeing her passion for working with Children in Care and being a Care Leaver myself, I knew that I had something to give. Given I have had experience with the care system and had heard accounts of other people within the system, I knew that I would be able to support these people and engage these people in a way that most of these people often struggle to attain in their day to day lives – with understanding.

There is also the determination that I feel having come from such a background. I wish to ensure there is a lasting network of support for Children in Care and Care Leaver students at both the university and in the local community. Given the struggles these vulnerable people often face, it is essential to see them helped.

As treasurer for Avolve, I ensure am there to ensure that our team is able to access the funding they require to ensure that our message is able to spread without issues and ensure that the people who are being helped by us can rely on the mentoring they are promised. I am also providing my input towards schemes we are pushing in the university and the local area to ensure that they will be both helpful and engaging to those who need it. First hand experience is often invaluable to ensuring engagement, and it is only through engagement that we can help.

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