Introducing our Mentor Officer...

Hi! I’m Philippa, I am 3rd year Law Student, and am part of the Avolve committee this year (as I was last year). I originally joined Avolve in my first year because I was drawn to the particular group that the society targets: children in care. I had never really come across the concept before; I had never seen it reported or discussed on the news or media, and I had never been in contact with in my daily life. So when I found Avolve and found out about the incredible work the society were doing, I immediately felt inspired to join and take part.

In my first year, I mentored a young girl – which I found hugely rewarding – and then campaigned to join the committee in my second year. Seeing the society grow and evolve throughout my time here at Exeter has been one of my biggest joys and accomplishments. One in particular was our campaign to establish a ‘Care leavers Covenant’ at the University. Not only has being part of the society been wonderful, but being a member of the committee has been great as well: everyone is so supportive and helpful, and being such a diverse set of people, the meetings are never dull!

This year,Avolve is setting its aims and goals even higher. Continuing from our success last year, we always wish to welcome more members into the society to help it grow within the university and to further it as a central part of the community. Personally, what I would love to achieve this year is to continue raising awareness on children in care issues not only in the broader sense, but even on a smaller level at the university by helping and supporting the care leavers who currently attend. Furthermore, I would love to expand and grow Avolve’s reach – across Exeter, South Devon, and maybe down to the Cornwall campus of the University!

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